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Thrilling combat in Bad Monday Simulator

Bad Monday Simulator is an awesome fan-made version offering a battle with Sansfield. Pray and guide the Soul to evade the attacks of this boss.

Fight against Sansfield

Like Undertale Yellow and Sir Kain Battle, this game is also a fan-made version. This new version challenges you to fight against Sansfield who is a famous cartoon cat character. During the battle, you and this cat will take turns attacking each other. Here are some attacks of Sansfield and effective tips to evade them.

  • Jon Arbuckle and Nermal: Jon Arbuckle will appear from the left and speak constantly. His words will attack you, so you move around to evade them. Then, Nermal will emerge from the right and smoke. The smoke from his cigarette will fly around and attack you.
  • Bones: An array of bones will appear, so you must guide the Soul to jump as high as possible to evade them.
  • Odie: Odie will run from the right to the left. To evade this dog, you must jump quickly.
  • Burger attacks: A big burger will appear and move left to right and vice versa. While moving, it will divide and then merge.
  • Ariene's heads: Next, the head of Ariene will appear from 4 corners and launch laser beams. You must guide the Soul to move around the playing field to evade the laser beams.
  • Sansfield's dream: Afterward, you will get lost in the dream of Sansfield. A lot of a Z letter will appear and attack you, so you should be careful. Moreover, the sheep will jump around, so try not to hit them.
  • Alarm clock: Then, the alarm clock will ring to wake the cat up. Many musical not will fly around the playing, so attempt not to touch them.
  • Cat monster: Finally, the cat Sansfield will transform into a monster with three scary heads and long arms. You should evade his arms and laser beams launched from his arms. Moreover, the boss tries to bite you, so you should guide the Soul to dodge his teeth.

Praying chances

If you want to raise your winning chance, you should pray during the battle. Here are some praying options.

  • The likelihood of invoking Godfield is extremely low at 0.01%. If successful, it inflicts a massive 9999 damage to Sansfield, instantly bypassing Phase 1/Phase 3.
  • There is a 5% chance of Thunderbolt, which deals 25 damage, and has a 50% chance of stunning Sansfield.
  • Hailstorm has a 5% chance of occurring. It inflicts 10 damage to you and 25 damage to Sansfield.
  • The chance of using Stone is 10%. It deals 10 damage to Sansfield.
  • Sucker Punch has a 10% probability. It randomly inflicts damage between 50 and 80.
  • The Power of Cuteness has a 5% chance of activation. It restores 30 health to the player and 10 health to Sansfield.
  • There is a 5% chance of summoning a Meteor, which deals 80 damage to Sansfield.
  • The Pasta Fairy has a 10% chance of appearing, providing the player with a randomized assortment of healing items.
  • There is a 5% chance of activating the Clown Mating call, resulting in aroused clowns.
  • Stone has a 10% chance of being used, dealing 10 damage to Sansfield.


Use the arrow keys to guide the Soul to move around to evade the opponent's attacks.

Use a Z key to choose.

Use an X key to go back to the previous option.

Levels of Difficulty of Bad Monday Simulator

This interesting game includes three levels which are Normal, Hard, and Monday.

  • Normal: If you choose this level, you will start with 100 HP and lots of items.
  • Hard: If you choose the hard level, your initial HP is 50. Moreover, you are allowed to use fewer items in this level.
  • Monday: This is the most challenging level in this game because it requires you to start with 1 HP. Additionally, you are not allowed to use any item during the battle.