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The gameplay of Sir Kain Battle

Embrace yourself for a heart-pounding fight in Sir Kain Battle. Do your best to evade your rival's attacks and defeat him in the shortest time.

Combating with Sir Kain

This is the fan-made version that was inspired by Undertale Papyrus Fight Simulator, so their gameplay is fairly similar. In this game, your opponent is Sir Kain who is a black cat knight. His weapon is a long sword. When joining the battle with Sir Kain, you will confront multiple attacks from Sir Kain.

  • Sword Rain: Many swords will drop from the top and disappear when reaching the bottom. You need to control the Soul to move around the arena to evade the swords. In addition, the swords also attack from four sides, which requires you to react quickly and guide the Soul to evade them.
  • Bombs: A bomb will appear and chase behind the Soul. You need to take control of the Soul to run around as fast as possible to evade this bomb. One tip is to keep the Soul moving around the center of the arena.
  • Knives: Multiple knives will appear from left and right. You need to keep the Soul in the middle of knives to avoid getting hurt.

Besides evading the attacks of your enemy, you also need to attack him until he runs out of blood. When the line reaches the middle of the target board, you need to press the Z key to attack your enemy. If you can eliminate the boss and survive till the end, you will get a victory.

Consuming items

Like Undertale Yellow, this game also offers many items that you can use during the battle. Here is the list of items and their functions.

  • Hot Cat: If you are about to run out of blood, you should consume this item. Hot Cat can increase 21 health points
  • Biscicle: Like the above item, Biscle is also useful for your health because it provides 11 health points.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to guide the Soul to evade the attacks of Sir Kain.

Use a Z key to choose and an X key to go back.

More information about Sir Kain Battle

This game also offers some features that are really interesting. For example, you can choose the Mercy option to spare Sir Kain instead of engaging in combat. This is a way to end the battle without causing harm. In addition, the Act option allows you to interact with the rival in different ways. You can check the attacks of Sir Kain or talk with him. It is possible to say that this is the most interesting feature of this game.