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Unique gameplay of Save The Dog

Let's test your drawing skills and logical thinking by playing Save The Dog now. Let's draw a shield to protect cute dogs from dangers like bees and stones.

Protecting the dogs

The mechanics of this game are super simple because it only requires you to draw a shield with one line. This shield needs to protect all dogs from hazards such as water, stones, bees, and so on. If any dog gets hurt, you will lose the game. Besides, remember the ink in the pen is limited. You need to find a way to consume as little ink as possible to earn three stars and many coins.

Varied levels

Like OvO Dimensions, this game also presents you with a series of challenging levels. Although all levels have the same objective, each level features unique dangers that can attack your dogs. To win all levels in this game, you need to analyze the positions of the dogs and dangers and devise clever strategies. In addition, each level in this game features a distinct theme, ensuring that you remain engaged and motivated to progress further.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to draw.

The customization system of Save The Dog

Another appealing thing about this game is its customization system. This game offers many skins such as a cat, a pig, a monkey, a panda, and a dairy cow. You can use 500 coins to buy your favorite animal skin. In addition, you can change the bee skins. By allowing you to customize the bees and animals, the game enhances your engagement, emotional attachment, and self-expression. Moreover, this helps to enrich your gaming experience. Therefore, do not hesitate to try this game now. Remember to invite your friends to join the plan of saving the dog in this game.