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The rules of Gold Miner

Are you ready for the hunt for gold in Gold Miner? You must drop your claw to grab gold, mystery bags, and diamonds beneath the earth's surface.

Mining for Wealth

If you are looking for entertaining games such as Blumgi Bloom, I recommend this game. This game plunges you into the role of a daring treasure hunter, armed with a trusty claw and an insatiable thirst for wealth. Let's navigate the treacherous mine shafts and seize valuable treasures buried beneath the earth's surface. These treasures encompass a wide array of riches, ranging from shimmering gold nuggets to sparkling gemstones, each contributing to your fortune. This requires acute reflexes and strategic thinking, as treasures are often hidden at varying depths and must be captured before they disappear. Mastery of timing and precision is key to maximizing the haul and accumulating vast wealth. Besides, before starting each level, you can visit the shop where you can buy useful items such as dynamites, lucky clovers, timers, and so on. Wisely utilizing these items becomes paramount in achieving greater success and unearthing the most valuable treasures hidden within the mine.


1-Player Mode

Use a W or an up arrow key to toss the dynamite.

Use an S or down arrow key to drop the claw.

2-Player Mode


Use a W key to toss the dynamite to eliminate stones.

Use an S key to drop the claw to grab the treasures.


Use an up key to use the dynamite to eliminate stones.

Click the left mouse button to drop the claw to grab the treasures.

Available game modes of Gold Miner

Like Tomb Of The Mask, this game also offers two game modes which are 1-Player and 2-Player modes.

  • 1-Player Mode: This mode is perfect for those who enjoy a personal challenge and want to test their skills against the game's mechanics and obstacles. You can navigate the mine's depths, using the claw to capture valuable treasures such as gold nuggets, gemstones, and rare artifacts.
  • 2-Player Mode: This mode allows you and another player to mine buried treasures at the same time. You need to cooperate to earn the target amount of money to win the level.