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Unveiling the Adventures of Jumping Shell

Check out Jumping Shell which challenges you to navigate 28 levels. Guide a square character to enter or exit different layers of shells and reach the portal.

The mechanics

In this game, you can control a square character that is capable of entering and exiting different layers of shells. The character can strip itself off the current shell layer when it makes double jumps. This helps the character to reach high and distant platforms. However, you should be careful with dangers in the playing field. They can be spike traps, buzzsaws, and laser beams. You can jump over the spike traps and buzzsaws. Besides, you can press the buttons on the playing field to turn off the laser beams. Utilize your shells to keep the laser beams off at all times.

Diverse Level Design

Like OvO Dimensions, this game also presents you with 24 creatively designed levels, each offering a distinct challenge. The levels are carefully crafted to test players' problem-solving abilities and strategic thinking. From perilous platforms and treacherous gaps to intricate arrangements of obstacles, you must analyze the environment and plan your movements accordingly. The variety in level design ensures that you encounter new and engaging challenges as they progress, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting. Whether players seek to unravel the complexity of each level on their own or engage in friendly competition with friends, this game provides an immersive and thought-provoking gameplay experience that will captivate puzzle enthusiasts and platformer fans alike.

How to control

If you want to guide the square to move left or right, press A-D or left-right arrow keys.

If you want to control the square to jump, press a W or an up arrow key.

If you want to make double jumps, press a W or an up arrow key twice.

If you want to restart the game, press the R key.