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Daring battles in Narrow One

Check out Narrow One which will take you to a large castle arena. Rely on your aim, reflexes, and teamwork to capture the enemy flag and win.

Battle with other archers

If you are looking for thrilling action games like Undertale Papyrus Fight Simulator, do not miss trying this game. This wonderful multiplayer archery game pits you against mighty archers in intense battles. You are armed with only a bow and arrows and have to defeat as many enemies as possible. Let's utilize your best aiming skill to shoot down your rivals and secure your victory. Besides, you must attempt to sneak into your rivals' base to capture their flag. Your enemies will do the same thing, so cooperate with your teammates to protect your team's flag at all costs. It is possible this game requires strategic teamwork and precise shots.


If you want to guide the archer to run around the arena, press the arrow keys.

If you want to control the archer to jump, press the spacebar.

If you want to use other arrows and bows, press 1-2-3-4-5-6 keys.

If you want to shoot down other archers, hold the left mouse button and release it.

If you want to change the camera view, press the Y key.

If you want to look around, swipe the mouse.

More interesting things about Narrow One

Diverse unlocked maps

Like Level Devil, this game also impresses you with its diversity of wonderful maps. Currently, the game boasts 17 unique maps. Each map presents a distinct setting such as castles, alleys, towers, forts, ruins, walls, temples, gatehouses, jungles, graveyards, hills, halls, and so on. Exploring these diverse landscapes allows you to discover tactical advantages and devise winning strategies. Note that the developer of this game is still developing and will release new maps in the future.

Multiplayer functionality

One of the notable aspects of this game is its multiplayer functionality. You can invite their friends to form squads and join forces in the thrilling battles. By employing effective communication and coordination, teams can maximize their chances of success. The game provides a simple invite code system, ensuring that players can easily connect and enjoy the excitement together.