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Undertale Yellow Flowey Fight

Joining Undertale Yellow Flowey Fight

Undertale Yellow Flowey Fight is a thrilling action game that tasks you with defeating Flowey. Take caution with its constant attacks and survive till the end.

All phases

This game is the simulated version of Undertale Yellow. It simulates the combat between Clover and Flowey. You will play as Clover who controls a heart named Soul. You need to guide the Soul to move around the arena to evade multiple attacks of Flowey. The fight against this boss has 5 phases. In addition, at the end of each phase, you are allowed to attack Flowey by shooting down a petal of Flowey. You will win if all the petals of Flowey are eliminated.

All attacks of Flowey

In fact, all phases in this game have the same series of attacks. Here they are:

  • Friendliness Petals: These petals will fly around the playing field, so you need to be careful when guiding the Soul.
  • Bombs: A big bomb will appear and explode after three seconds. You should look at the cross shape on the bomb to know which area the bomb will destroy.
  • Venus Fly Trap: If you see exclamation marks appearing, it means that the Venus fly traps are about to emerge. You need to take control of the Soul to move to the left or right to evade these dangerous traps.
  • Daisy Finger Guns: A giant daisy finger gun will appear and rotate. When it is activated, you need to be quick to dodge its bullet.
  • Knights: Two knights will appear from two sides and move toward the center of the arena. Navigate the Soul to evade their attacks.

How to control

Press a Z key to start the fight against Flowey.

Use the arrow keys to guide the Soul to move around to evade the attacks of Flowey.

Effective strategies to win Undertale Yellow Flowey Fight

Like Sir Kain Battle, the fight in this game is also fairly challenging, so I want to suggest some effective tips to win this combat.

Utilize Healing Items

At the start of each phase of the fight, the green beans will appear and fly around. You need to guide the Soul to collect the beans to heal your health. This is the best way to get extra blood before starting a dangerous battle. Moreover, it helps to extend your survivability and allows you to withstand Flowey's onslaught.

Stay Mobile and Dodge

Flowey's attacks often cover a wide range and require swift reflexes to dodge successfully. Therefore, I advise you to keep yourself mobile by constantly moving around the battle arena. Remaining in motion makes it harder for Flowey's attacks to hit you accurately. Focus on precise movements and quick reactions to dodge his projectiles, as even a single hit can have a significant impact on your chances of success.