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Undertale Papyrus Fight Simulator

Thrilling of Undertale Papyrus Fight Simulator

Undertale Papyrus Fight Simulator is a heart-pounding action game featuring innovative gameplay. Can you stay alive from numerous attacks of Papyrus?

All attacks of Papyrus

Like Undertale Yellow, this game also offers the fight against a boss named Papyrus. The encounter with Papyrus takes place in the Underground. From the moment the Papyrus fight begins, you need to guide the Soul to move around to evade multiple attacks.

  • Bone Throw: Papyrus hurls bones in a straight line towards your soul. You must maneuver your soul to avoid colliding with the bones, as contact results in damage.
  • Blue Attack: Papyrus initiates the Blue Attack by turning your soul orange. During this attack, you must remain still and avoid moving your soul, as moving will cause blue bones to chase after it. You must exercise patience and resist the urge to dodge the pursuing bones.
  • Gaster Blasters: Papyrus summons Gaster Blasters, which are large skull-shaped structures that fire beams of energy. The beams move horizontally across the screen, requiring you to carefully maneuver your soul to avoid getting hit.

Useful items

There are several items that can be obtained and used to aid you during the battle. This is fairly similar to Bad Time Simulator. Here are the items available in the Papyrus fight.

  • Pie: The Pie is a healing item. It restores a moderate amount of your HP when consumed. The Pie can be used in the Papyrus fight to replenish health if your HP is running low.
  • Steak: The Steak is another healing item that restores a smaller amount of HP compared to the Pie. It helps to increase 60 health points. The Steak can be used as a quick healing option during the Papyrus fight to regain a small portion of your health.
  • Legendary Hero: This item is a high-quality healing item that significantly restores your HP. Using the Legendary Hero during the Papyrus fight provides a substantial HP boost, allowing you to withstand more damage.
  • Snow Piece: If you consume this item, you can get 45 health points.

How to control: Use the arrow keys to guide the Soul to move around to dodge the attacks of Papyrus.

Tactics to win Undertale Papyrus Fight Simulator

Stay Still During Blue Attacks

When Papyrus initiates the Blue Attack, your soul will turn red, and you must remain still to avoid the incoming projectiles. Moving your soul will cause the projectiles to home in on you. I advise you to keep calm and avoid the temptation to move during these attacks.

Move Swiftly During Other Attacks

In contrast to the Blue Attack, during Papyrus's other attacks, you'll need to move your soul actively to dodge obstacles like bones or Gaster Blaster beams. React quickly and maneuver your soul skillfully to avoid taking damage.

Spare Papyrus

Ultimately, this game offers the option to spare enemies instead of fighting them. Papyrus is a character who can be spared and even befriended. If you want to take a pacifist route, try selecting the Mercy option and then the Spare option during the battle when it becomes available. Pay attention to Papyrus's dialogue and actions to find moments to spare him.