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Relevant information about The Malevolent Mansion of Evil

Are you ready for a frightening adventure in The Malevolent Mansion of Evil? Let's enter the mansion and fight against scary creatures there.

Mysterious story behind the game

The story of this game revolves around Officer Thompson and the mystery of a mansion. Officer Thompson had been working for the police department for over ten years. He had solved murders, thefts, and every other crime in his city. But there was one case that had always stuck with him. It is the case of the missing people. For the past few years, many homeless and children of immigrants have been disappearing from the city without a trace. There were no leads, no clues, nothing. It was as if they had vanished into thin air. The entire department was working on the case, but they were getting nowhere. His investigation has so far been unsuccessful. Although he is suspicious of a large old mansion. He has been denied by higher authorities every time he has applied for a permit to search there. Officials have told him that it belongs to a former Centcom general called Asher McKenzie and his activities are coordinated with higher officials and that you should not enter that mansion under any circumstances. Until one night, he receives a disconnected and unintelligible call. After being intercepted, he realizes that it was released from somewhere inside the mansion. So he becomes determined to enter the mansion even at the cost of ignoring the orders of the higher authorities.

Thrilling fights

When joining this game, you will transform into Officer Thompson who enters the mansion to explore the secrets about the case of the missing people. Like Bad Time Simulator, this game will take you on a thrilling fight in which you must confront unknown creatures. These creatures are scary and actively attack you as soon as they see you. You need to be quick to use your weapons to shoot down them. If you are attacked, you should run as fast as possible to escape. Try to survive until all secrets about this malevolent mansion are revealed.


Use the arrow keys to move around the mansion.

Click the left mouse button to shoot down the monsters you meet.

Press the 2,3, and 4 keys or scroll the mouse wheel to change your weapons.

Hold the right mouse button to aim.

Hold the Shift+ W keys to run faster.

Press an F key to pick up weapons.

Press the R key to reload.