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The Principles of Scrap Divers

Check out Scrap Divers which is an awesome adventure game. You need to help a robot fall into a deep scrapyard safely and unlock new cool robots.

Embarking on an Adventurous Dive

The game begins with a defective little robot being dropped into a vast scrapyard. As the robot falls, you must skillfully guide it to safety, avoiding obstacles that could destroy it. Through precise control, you navigate the robot left or right to evade potential collisions. The primary objective is to protect the robot at all costs, ensuring its survival throughout the descent. To increase the falling speed of the robot, you can guide it to hit green speed boosters. These boosters not only add excitement by accelerating the descent but also provide opportunities for more dynamic gameplay. Furthermore, you can acquire a magnet power-up, which attracts additional screws along the robot's path. This power-up allows for more efficient gathering of screws, aiding in the acquisition of valuable resources.

Collecting Screws and Power-ups

Scattered throughout the scrapyard are valuable screws, which you must strive to collect as much as possible. These screws hold significant importance within the game, serving as a form of currency. By accumulating screws, you can unlock new robots and enhance your gameplay experience.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button or press the arrow keys to guide the robot to move left or right to evade dangers.

A collection of robots in Scrap Divers

Like Stickman Crazy Box, this game also offers a variety of characters. Using the collected screws, you have the opportunity to purchase new robots from the in-game shop. Each robot possesses unique characteristics and abilities, offering diverse gameplay experiences. For instance, some robots may have small frames and exhibit constant rotation, while others may possess springy limbs that double the duration of power-ups. Certain robots can even shred obstacles when damaged. With a total of 15 robots to choose from, you can select your favorite and delve further into the game's challenges.