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The playing instruction of OvO Dimensions

OvO Dimensions is an intriguing adventure game with captivating 3D graphics. Embark on an exhilarating journey through various lands and collect coins.

An exciting adventures

In this game, you need to guide the stickman character through various levels and maps, overcoming obstacles. These obstacles are spikes, moving platforms, floating blocks, moving walls, and so on. You need to react quickly and make precise jumps to evade them. Remember that the primary objective is to reach the flag at the end of each level, demonstrating your mastery of jumping, sliding, and running mechanics. Additionally, your mission involves accumulating as many coins as possible. These coins are scattered along the way and sometimes they are located in dangerous places. Therefore, you can pick up them or not as long as you are safe. After completing the adventure in this game, you do not forget to play Tomb Of The Mask to join another exciting journey.


Use the left-right arrow keys to move left or right.

Use an up arrow key to jump.

Use a down arrow key to slide down.

Use an up arrow key and then a down arrow key to smash.

Attractive things of OvO Dimensions

Various maps

Like Undertale Yellow, this game also offers many maps. The game boasts eight captivating game maps, each offering a unique and visually stunning environment for players to explore. These maps include:

  • The Grid: A futuristic landscape characterized by neon lights and a technological atmosphere.
  • Quiet Plains: Tranquil and serene fields, providing a peaceful backdrop for players' adventures.
  • Frigid Peak: A snowy, mountainous region that challenges players with icy terrains and treacherous paths.
  • Desert Temple: An ancient temple buried within a scorching desert, filled with secrets and obstacles.
  • The Ascent: A vertical climb through a towering structure, testing players' agility and timing.
  • Space Station: A cosmic adventure set in outer space, featuring zero-gravity challenges and cosmic aesthetics.
  • Planet X: A mysterious and alien world with surreal landscapes and extraterrestrial surprises.
  • Chaotic Dimension: A realm of unpredictable twists and turns, defying the laws of physics and providing the ultimate challenge.

Skin System

One of the notable additions in OvO Dimensions is the extensive skin system. You can access the Skin Shop which offers 16 available skins in the game. You can purchase these skins using the coins they collect during gameplay. The available skins include Default, Electrical, Pole, Pink Guy, OvO+, Knight, Dark Knight, Light Knight, Astronaut, Alien, Erigato, Batter, Adalich, The Fallen, Pulse, Materwelon, FL1CKD, TheLilJoker, Among Us, French, and ShyGuy. This extensive range of skins allows players to personalize their character and further enhance their gaming experience.