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Engaging gameplay of Stickman Crazy Box

You are invited to join exciting mini-games in Stickman Crazy Box. Run, race your car, or fight against the other three players to get a victory.

The Allure of Mini-Games

This game captivates you with its collection of 20 interesting mini-games, each offering a distinct and engaging experience. Here are some interesting mini-games I want to suggest:

  • Karaoke: In this mini-game, you grab the microphone and showcase your singing talents. The objective is simple. The longer you hold the microphone and sing, the higher your score climbs. As time runs out, you with the highest score emerges victorious. The competitive nature of this mini-game adds an exciting element, as players strive to outperform their friends and claim the title of the ultimate singing sensation.
  • Hit And Run: When joining this mini-game, you need to use your hammer to hit the target boards. These target boards appear around the playing field, so you need to run around to hit them. Your score depends on the number of the target boards. You must destroy the most number of hammers to become the winner.
  • Ghost Night: At the start of the mini-game, you need to run around the playing field to escape from the ghost. You will become the winner if you are the last survivor on the playing field. Contrarily, if you crash into the ghost, you will transform into the ghost. At this time, you need to chase behind other players to transform them into ghosts. If all players turn into ghosts, you will get a victory.
  • TNT Wars: In this mini-game, you need to stop and throw the TNT boxes at other players to explode them. Your score depends on the number of enemies you eliminate. Besides, you also need to evade the TNT boxes of other players. If you unexpectedly crash into the TNT boxes, you will be removed and reappear immediately. Besides TNT boxes, nitro boxes also often emerge. These boxes only explode when you hold them and hit other players. Moreover, you will gain more points if you can use the nitro boxes to murder other players.
  • Racing: This mini-game requires you to join a car racing competition. In the race, you need to drive your car to complete 5 laps before the other 3 players do that. Note that you can collect the Speed booster to raise your driving speed or the Bullet booster to shoot your enemies. Your enemies will get fainted and slow down if they get hit.


PLAYER 1: Use the WASD keys to run around and jump.

PLAYER 2: Use the arrow keys to run around and jump.

PLAYER 3: Use the IJKL to run around and jump.

PLAYER 4: Use the TFGH to run around and jump.

Two game modes in Stickman Crazy Box

In this game, you can choose between two game modes: Quick Game and Tournament. In Quick Game mode, you have the freedom to select and play any of the 20 available mini-games individually. On the other hand, Tournament mode encourages you to participate in at least three mini-games, allowing for a more comprehensive and engaging gaming experience. The list of mini-games available in both modes ensures that players have a wide variety of challenges to explore and enjoy. Let' gather your friends, immerse yourself in this game, and embark on an unforgettable journey filled with thrilling mini-games and the joy of emerging victorious. Besides, do not forget to check out Undertale Yellow which is an awesome game on our website.