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Addictive gameplay of Level Devil

Are you ready for the most dangerous and challenging adventure in Level Devel? Find a way to evade hazards and escape from the devil's room as soon as possible.

When joining the game, you will get stuck in the devil's room. Your goal is to escape this room as soon as possible. However, everything is not as simple as it sounds because this room is full of hidden dangers. They will appear when you move. Therefore, you should be careful at all times because the hazards in the devil's room can kill you at any time. You need to run to the left or right or jump to evade the dangers. Attempt to reach the exit portal safely to move to the next level which has more dangers waiting for you. After completing the adventure in this game, you should not miss joining Undertale Yellow to have another one that may bring more fun.

How to control: Use the arrow keys to guide your character to run and jump over many obstacles.

Wonderful things of Level Devil

Interesting game modes

This game attracts many players because of its engaging game modes. They are Level Mode and Speedrun Mode. The Level Mode allows you to play the levels in order and return to the previous levels to play. However, the Speedrun Mode will take you on an endless journey in which you must conquer all maps in all levels in the shortest time. Note that if you crash into the obstacles, the adventure will reset and you must start from Level 1.

Challenging levels

The most interesting thing about this game is its array of levels. In this game, you will be required to complete more than 45 levels. Each level has a distinct surprising challenge that requires precise controls and quick reflexes. Here are some dominant levels in this game.

  • Pits Levels: In these levels, the pits will appear unpredictably. Therefore, you should be careful with these pits when running to the exit portal.
  • Spike Levels: These levels feature spike traps that can be hidden or movable. You should jump as high as possible or run to avoid crashing into these spike traps.
  • Push Levels: In these levels, the high walls will appear randomly and push you into the pits. Note that you cannot jump over these high walls, so wait for them to disappear or run as fast as possible before they emerge.
  • Coins Levels: The coins will appear in these levels. You can collect them or jump on them to evade obstacles. Note that some coins are the keys to active the dangerous traps, so you should not touch them.
  • Controls Levels: In these levels, the controlling system will be changed. It means that if you want to run to the left, you need to use the right arrow key. Similarly, if you want to move to the right, press the left arrow key. You should master the controls before playing these levels.
  • Platforms Levels: These levels feature movable platforms. You should jump on them to reach the exit portal. Watch out for collapsed platforms.
  • Spring Levels: When you play these levels, you need to jump on springboards which help you jump higher. However, some springboards can send you to dangerous places, so you should dodge them.