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Exploring Learn To Fly 2

Let's embark on a thrilling journey with a determined penguin in Learn To Fly 2. Your mission is to assist the penguin in learning to fly as far as possible.

The Story of Determination

The heartwarming story of the second version revolves around a persistent penguin who refuses to accept its flightless fate. Fueled by an unwavering determination, the penguin embarks on a quest to soar through the skies and prove its species' potential. This narrative backdrop adds depth and motivation to the gameplay, allowing players to connect with the protagonist's pursuit of achieving the impossible.

Your task

When playing this game, you must launch the penguin into the air using different contraptions and equipment and then guide the penguin to fly up or down. You must carefully adjust the launch angle, speed, and equipment selection to optimize the penguin's flight performance. By utilizing gliders, rockets, boosters, and other upgrades, your objective is to achieve maximum distance and altitude. Throughout the game, you face various obstacles and challenges that test your skills and ingenuity. From gravitational forces to wind resistance, you must navigate the physics-based mechanics to overcome these hurdles and propel the penguin further with each attempt. Your mission is to continuously improve your techniques, upgrade equipment, and beat personal records, pushing the boundaries of what the penguin can achieve.


Press the arrow keys to fly up or down.

Hold the spacebar to activate the rocket boosters to fly faster.

Available game modes of Learn To Fly 2

Like Tomb Of The Mask, this game also offers a variety of game modes that cater to different playstyles and provide a range of challenges:

  • Story Mode: This mode will take you on a journey of a cute penguin to conquer the skies. You are required to complete a series of missions to get rewards in this mode. Your goal is to hone the flying skills of the penguin and help it to fly as far as possible.
  • Classic Mode: If you want to have a continuous gameplay experience, I recommend this game mode. In this game mode, your goal is only to achieve the highest score without accomplishing different missions.
  • Arcade Mode: The third game mode provides new gameplay mechanics and challenges because you will get a set of budgets in this game mode. Utilize the offered money to purchase upgrades and practice flying. You will be rewarded with bonus points if you fly well and at a far distance.