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Simple mechanics of Slice Rush

Slice Rush is an engaging arcade game with fast-paced gameplay. This game challenges you to control the knife to cut as many fruits and vegetables as possible.

Cutting fruits and vegetables

The best appeal of this game is its addictive gameplay. Specifically, this game tasks you with guiding the knife to cut fruits and vegetables. These fruits and vegetables slice from right to left. The slicing speed will increase gradually. Your mission is to aim accurately and then click the left mouse button to control the knife to cut these fruits. Your score will depend on the fruits you cut. You should watch out for spike traps and chopping boards. If your knife touches them, you cannot use it within some seconds.

Completing the levels

Another task in this game is to win all levels in this game. At each level, you need to cut as many fruits and vegetables as possible until you reach the finish line. You can look at the progress bar at the top of the screen to know how far it is from your knife to the finish line. In addition, if you move to the new level, your score will not reset. Your ultimate goal is to accomplish as many levels as possible and gain the highest possible score.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to guide the knife to cut the fruits and vegetables.

Some effective strategies to win Slice Rush

Do not cut the fruit in half

The first tip I want to suggest is not to cut the fruit in half. Instead, you should cut a fruit into as many pieces as possible because the number of pieces of fruit will affect your score. This requires precision and timing while controlling the knife.

Accumulate the power

You can see the power bar at the left of the screen. If you cut constantly fruits and vegetables, you will accumulate much power. When this power bar is full, you will gain 100 points. Therefore, I advise you to accumulate as much power as possible to earn extra points.