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The gameplay of Boxing Physics 2

Boxing Physics 2 is the second installment of the Boxing Physics series featuring many game modes. Punch your opponent twice to earn two points first.

Hot on the heels of the success of the first version, the creator Cool Bears Game Studio released this second edition which provides more game modes. Particularly, in this game, you can invite your friends to play the 2-player mode. Besides, if you want to practice, you can choose the 1-player mode.

Quick Match Mode

This engaging game offers two game modes that will bring you different playing experiences. The first game mode if the Quick Match Mode. If you choose this mode, the random map, boxer, and sub-mode will be selected. Here is the list of sub-modes that can be chosen.

  • Crazy Mode: In the battle of this sub-mode, you need to crazily punch your rival until he runs out of blood. You will get one point if your opponent is knocked out.
  • One Hit Mode: As its name suggests, this sub-mode requires you to defeat your opponent with one hit. Of course, your opponent can do the same thing with you, so you should attempt to evade his attack.
  • Trap Mode: In the combat of this sub-mode, you need to watch out for not only another boxer but also the traps. These traps can be spikes or buzzsaws that appear suddenly. Hitting them can hurt you, so try to stay away from the dangers in the boxing ring.
  • Real Mode: In this sub-mode, each hit can make the enemy dizzy for three seconds. This is also a chance for you to knock out your opponent in the shortest time.
  • Kick Mode: In the sub-mode, the boxers are allowed to not only punch but also kick. Attempt to kick your opponent until his blood is empty.
  • Soccer Mode: This battle in this sub-mode looks like a real soccer match. You are tasked with hitting the soccer to make it to fly into your rival's goalpost. Besides, you also need to punch your rival to stop him from hitting the soccer.

Tournaments Mode

The second game mode in this game is Tournaments Mode. In this game mode, you are allowed to select between three sub-modes which are Crazy Tournament, Trap Tournament, and Soccer Tournament. In each sub-mode, you need to confront 5 or 6 boxers. If you can knock out all of them, you will become the champion. Besides, do not forget to check out Undertale Yellow which is also an awesome action game on our website.


PLAYER 1: If you want to control your boxer to punch your rival, use a W key.

PLAYER 2: If you want to guide your boxer to punch your opponent, use an up arrow key.

Daily rewards and Loot Boxes of Boxing Physics 2

This store in this game sells two types of loot boxes which are Simple Loot Box and Epic Loot Box. You can use your coins to purchase the simple loot box which contains normal skins. Besides, you can use your diamonds to buy the epic loot box to get rare skins.

Additionally, if you return to the game every day, you will claim daily rewards. These rewards can be coins and diamonds. In particular, if you play this game for 7 days, you will obtain an Apollo skin.