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Exciting tank battles of Hills Of Steel

Are you ready for thrilling tank combats in Hills Of Steel? Choose suitable power-ups and try to defeat your opponents on the hills to earn gems.

Destroying your rivals' tanks

This game takes you to the hills where daring tank fights are happening. You must drive your tank to climb on the hills and battle with your opponents. At the start of each tank combat, you are allowed to choose between one of three random power-ups. These power-ups help you become more powerful and destroy your foes' tanks faster. If you can win the fight and complete a level, you will be rewarded with many gems. Like Level Devil, this game also features many interesting levels. You must complete them and earn as many gems as possible.

How to control

If you want to drive your tank to the left or right, use the A-D keys.

If you want to use the power-ups, use a Q or B key.

If you want to shoot down the foes, use the spacebar.

Various boosters of Hills Of Steel

In the shop of the game, you can purchase many boosters that assist in boosting your power. Here are some dominant boosters you can purchase:

  • Repair Kit: It can be used to restore part of lost health.
  • Circular Saw: You can use it to constantly damage nearby enemies.
  • Mine: You can place mines that detonate on enemy contact.
  • Force Shield: It can be used to block incoming damage.
  • Airstrike: When this booster is activated, missiles will be dropped from the sky to damage opponents.
  • Shockwave: This booster can push back and damage enemies around you.
  • Healing Drone: This booster can be used to call in a drone to heal you and your allies.
  • Wall: You can build a protecting wall to protect yourself and your allies.
  • Napalm: You can use this booster to drop missiles that set the enemies on fire.
  • Rapid Reload: This booster can help to instantly reload your gun and speed up shooting for a while.
  • Double Damage: You can use this booster to double the damage of your attack.