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Exploring Bad Time Simulator

Bad Time Simulator is a captivating action game featuring many game modes. You are tasked with controlling the Soul to dodge multiple attacks of Sans.

The battle against Sans

Like Undertale Yellow, this game was also inspired by Undertale, your gameplay is fairly similar. In this game, you can join the battle against a boss like Sans. Sans is a witty and powerful skeleton character known for his relentless attacks and clever dialogue. You must navigate a series of complex bullet patterns and avoid Sans' devastating attacks to survive the encounter. First, the boss summons a barrage of bones that move in intricate patterns across the screen. The bones can come from different directions and angles. Next, Sans summons Gaster Blasters, large skull-shaped cannons that fire powerful laser beams. These beams follow your movements and can be difficult to evade. After that, he can shift your position or move platforms, making it challenging to maintain control and avoid attacks. Note that Sans can teleport around the battle area, appearing in unexpected locations. Ultimately, this boss occasionally uses blue attacks, where your SOUL is confined to a small box. If you want to evade all his attacks, you must control the Soul to move around the playing field and do not stop at any second.

Consumable items

During the Sans fight, there are a few items that can be equipped or used prior to the battle. Here is the list of these items.

  • Cloudy Glasses: This item helps to raise the invincibility frames you have during the struggle phase when your HP reaches zero. This allows for more opportunities to recover and potentially extend the battle.
  • Torn Notebook: Equipping the Torn Notebook slightly increases your attack power. This can help in dealing more damage to Sans during the fight.
  • Butterscotch Pie: This item is an item that can be obtained earlier in the game. It can be used during the Sans fight to fully heal your HP, providing a much-needed recovery option. However, using the pie during the intense Sans battle can be extremely challenging due to the limited opportunities to heal.
  • Instant Noodles: This item, if consumed during the Sans fight, can restore your HP and grant a short period of invincibility frames. This can serve as a valuable resource to regain health during critical moments of the battle.

How to control: Use the arrow keys to guide the Soul.

Available game modes of Bad Time Simulator

This game offers different game modes that cater to your preferences and skill levels. These game modes provide varying levels of difficulty and enable you to test your abilities and grow as you progress.

  • The Practice Mode allows you to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics, learn Sans' attack patterns, and improve your reflexes without the pressure of consequences.
  • Normal Mode presents a more challenging experience, where you face a relentless onslaught of attacks and strive for the highest possible score or the longest survival time.
  • The Endless Mode allows you to choose the phase in the battle with Sans. After selecting it, you must embark on the endless fight, and let's see how long you can stay alive.