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Active game modes of Big Shot Boxing

Get ready for exciting boxing battles in Big Shot Boxing. You are tasked with taking control of your boxer to punch your opponent constantly to be the winner.

Quick Fight Mode

Like Boxing Physics 2, this boxing game also offers many game modes. At the start of the game, you can choose the Quick Fight Mode to join a boxing combat with a random player. The fight has 4 rounds and each round lasts 60 seconds. Within 60 seconds, you must punch and defend to defeat your rival and protect yourself. Note that you should throw an uppercut to make your rival faint for seconds. This is a great opportunity for you to punch your opponent constantly and earn more points. You will win if your total score is higher than the score of your enemy in four rounds. Besides, if your opponent runs out of blood and cannot stand up within 5 seconds, you will become the ultimate winner.

Career Mode

The Career Mode is the second game mode in this game. In this mode, you will start with 2000 dollars. Let's hire a coach and challenge the most powerful 18 young boxers on the leaderboard. Note that the more powerful boxer you can defeat, the higher your reward. In contrast, if your score is lower than your rival's score, your money will decrease. Do not forget to use the money you earn to upgrade your health, power, chin, and recovery because this is a good way to raise your winning chance.

This game mode features 15 achievements, so try to complete them to earn more money.


If you want to move left or right to punch your rival, use the left-right arrow keys.

If you want to throw an uppercut, use an X key.

If you want to defend, use a Z key.