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The Rules of Fish Eat Fish

Prepare for the thrilling hunt for food in Fish Eat Fish. You are challenged to control your fish to consume everything in the ocean to grow stronger.

The hunt for food

If you are looking for interesting multiplayer games like Boxing Physics 2, try out this game now. In the early game, you need to enter your nickname before entering the hunt. After that, click the Play button to join the hunt between fish from all over the world. In this hunt, you must attempt to take control of your fish to swim around to consume food. Its food can be creatures in the ocean or other smaller fish. However, you need to watch out for bigger fish because they can consume your fish. Raise the swimming speed of your fish if you are chased by bigger fish. Your ultimate goal is to become the fish king who dominates the ocean in this game.

The global ranking

There is a global leaderboard at the top right of the screen. It shows the top 5 players who have the biggest fish and the highest scores. If you want to get a high rank on this global ranking, you should attempt to earn as many points as possible and help your fish grow bigger. Play the game and let's see whether you can climb to the first rank of this leaderboard.

How to control

Use the mouse to control your fish to swim around.

Hold the left mouse to raise its swimming speed.

Tips to Survive Long in Fish Eat Fish

  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings: Keep a close eye on the movements of other fish in the game. Pay attention to their sizes and behaviors.
  • Avoid Overcrowded Areas: Highly populated areas in the game are often filled with chaos and intense competition. Try to avoid these areas as they increase the risk of encountering larger fish and getting eaten. Instead, explore calmer regions to find smaller fish and grow safely.
  • Stay Active: Remaining active and constantly moving is essential in this game. It makes you a less predictable target and allows you to explore new areas. Avoid staying still for too long, as it makes you an easy target for other fish.