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Engaging gameplay of Mahjong Game

Spend your time trying Mahjong Game which is a classic connecting game now. Attempt to find and remove pairs of identical tiles to clear the board.

If you are looking for entertaining games like Merge Fruits, I suggest Mahjong Game which is a classic puzzle game. This game presents you with various layouts of tiles. You can select one of them at the start of the game. After choosing the layout, you can start to match and remove pairs of tiles. Note that these tiles must have the same symbol. However, there are some exceptions. For example, the flower tiles can be matched although they do not have the same symbol. In addition, the tiles you want to connect should not be surrounded by two or more tiles. You had better start matching the tiles located on the top of the high stacks of tiles or the edges of the board. Do not forget to plan your move in advance to speed up your progress. Your ultimate goal is to clear the board in the shortest time.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to select similar tiles in the playing field.

Interesting features of Mahjong Game

Playable game modes

Like Stickman Crazy Box, this game also features two game modes which are Solvable Mode and Random Mode. The Solvable Mode allows you to choose one of 7 boards. After eliminating all tiles in a board, you can choose another one. In contrast, the Random Mode requires you to play a random board of tiles. This will bring you many surprising things.

All levels

Besides game modes, this game also offers three levels of difficulty which are Easy, Standard, and Expert. These levels are suitable for different kinds of players. For instance, if you are a newbie who just learned to play this game, you should try the Easy level first. In this level, all identical tiles are located in easily recognizable places. Then, you can try the Standard level which is a little bit more challenging. Ultimately, if you want something that is more challenging, you can try the Expert level. At this level, it may be hard for you to find identical tiles.