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Delightful gameplay of Rabbit Raid

Rabbit Raid is a funny shooting game that challenges you to throw the plungers at the rabbits. You will earn many points if many rabbits get hit.

Shooting rabbits

The party of the rabbits is taking place. It is time to play tricks on these cute rabbits. You will throw the plungers at these rabbits to earn points. You will be rewarded with 100 points after shooting a rabbit. Therefore, you should attempt to shoot as many rabbits as possible. The rabbits will scream and run away when one rabbit gets hit. At this time, you should be quick to throw the plungers before the rabbits run away. Besides rabbits, the balloons and the target boards are also useful targets that offer you bonus points. Therefore, do not ignore them when you see them at the party.

Collecting power-ups

The power-ups are hidden behind trees or decoration items. You should find and gather them. Here are the power-ups in the game.

  • Triple plungers: This power-up will help to raise the number of plungers you can throw at once. After collecting this power-up, you can throw three plungers at the same time to hit more rabbits and earn more points.
  • Toilet papers: Another power-up is the toilet paper which can explode. You can throw them at a crowd of rabbits to eliminate more rabbits and gain the highest possible score.

How to control: If you want to throw the plungers at the rabbits, click the left mouse button.

Playable game maps and levels in Rabbit Raid

Like Level Devil, this game also features many levels and game modes. In this game, you are required to complete three levels in three maps. They are Midway Mayhem, Furry Frenzy, and Big Top Bonanza. You need to clear the rabbits in these levels in order. The higher the level, the more rabbits you must eliminate.