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Wonderful things of Unicycle Hero

Get ready for the unicycle championship in Unicycle Hero. You are tasked with keeping balance in a unicycle and throwing the object as far as possible.

All rounds

This interesting game takes you on an exciting unicycle competition that has 9 rounds. In each round, you are required to hold a different object while riding a unicycle. For example, in the first round, you must hold a spear while the second round tasks you with holding a long big tree log. In the third round, the object on your hand is a heavy ball. Meanwhile, in the fourth round, you will hold a disk and a ball. You must throw these objects as far as possible to earn the highest possible score. However, from the fifth round to the ninth round, the object is placed on the ground. You must use your hammer, stick, or table to hit the object so that it can fly away as far as possible.

Two game modes

One of the strengths of this game is its variety of game modes. At the start of the game, you are allowed to select between two game modes which are Compete Mode and Practice Mode. The Practice is the first choice because it allows you to join a round of the unicycle competition freely. Then, you can play the Compete Mode in which you must join the rounds of the unicycle competition in order. If you can win all rounds and gain the highest score, you will be rewarded with many coins and crowns.


If you want to control the character to move left or right, press the left-right arrow keys.

If you want to throw the objects, press the spacebar.

The customizing and upgrading systems of Unicycle Hero

This sports game allows you to customize your characters to become unique. You can use your coins to change the clothes of your characters. Additionally, if you want to boost the abilities of your character, let's use your coins to upgrade its strength, speed, and agility. This helps to raise your winning chance in the unicycle competition.