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Active game modes of Worm Hunt

Welcome to Worm Hunt in which you must join the hunt for food to raise your strength and length. Trap other snakes to hit you to eliminate them from the arena.

Timed Mode

Like Boxing Physics 2, this game also offers two game modes. The first game mode is the Timed Mode which challenges you to hunt for food within a limited time. Specifically, you must guide your snake to crawl around and consume as much food as possible within 5 minutes. Attempt to become the strongest and longest snake when the time is over. Sometimes, the red zone appears. If you enter the red zone, your score will decrease dramatically and your snake will become weaker. Therefore, you had better stay away from the red zone to keep yourself safe.

Endless Mode

The second game mode is the Endless Mode which provides an endless hunt for food. In this game mode, you can spend many hours finding food. Moreover, you can trap other snakes to crash into you to take down them. After other snakes die, you can consume them to grow faster. In contrast, if you collide with other snakes, you will be eliminated from the arena. Therefore, you should be careful and collect power-ups that protect you from being hurt.

Gems Fever Mode

The third game mode is Gems Fever Mode. In this game mode, your target is not the food. Instead, you must aim at the gems scattered around the playing field. Try to collect as many gems as possible within 10 minutes to get the first rank on the leaderboard. You also need to be careful when competing with other snakes to collect gems.

Gold Rush Mode

The final game mode is Gold Rush Mode. This game mode will be unlocked after you reach level 5. In this game mode, your target is gold instead of gems of food. You must collect as much gold as possible within a limited time if you want to raise your rank on the leaderboard. Do your best to become the richest snake in the arena.

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How to control

Use the mouse to move around.

Hold the left mouse button to raise the speed of the worm.

Reasons you should try Worm Hunt

The snake customization

You can visit the snake farm to purchase the new snakes. Keep in mind that each snake has a distinct appearance and ability. Use your gem to purchase your favorite snake to become unique. This is the best way to show off your personality and style. Besides, you can upgrade the characteristics of your snake. For example, you can upgrade its gluttony to reduce weight loss in the red zone.

The global ranking

There are a total of 12 global leaderboards in this game. Each game mode has a distinct leaderboard. Moreover, you can see the daily, weekly, and all-time leaderboards. They show the names, ranks, weights, or the number of coins or gems of the top 10 players. You must try your best to hunt for as much food, coins, and gems as possible to get a high rank on these leaderboards.