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Engaging gameplay of Zombie Shooter

Welcome to Zombie Shooter which thrusts you into a post-apocalyptic world. Aim accurately to shoot down all zombies before you run out of ammo.

This game takes place in a bleak and desolate setting where a catastrophic outbreak has transformed the majority of the population into flesh-hungry zombies. As a survivor, you must use your gun to shoot down all zombies you meet. Note that you cannot move in this game. Instead, you will stand in the same place and aim accurately to shoot down the zombies. Do not worry because the zombies in this game also do not move and attack you. However, they will stand in high places or behind high walls. Therefore, it may be challenging for you to shoot down all zombies. This requires your precise shooting skill and sometimes you need to utilize obstacles in the arena to eliminate the zombies. Note that the number of bullets in your gun is limited. You are required to murder all zombies before you run out of ammo.

How to control

Use the mouse to aim at the zombies.

Click the left mouse button to shoot to eliminate zombies.

Diverse levels

Like OvO Dimensions, this game also features a series of meticulously designed levels. Specifically, this game offers 15 interesting levels with different themes. In later levels, not only the theme but also the position of the zombies change. Therefore, you cannot apply the same strategy for all levels. Before starting to play each level, you should look at the positions of the zombies and obstacles in the arena and build a distinct tactic so that you can eliminate all zombies with the fewest shots. Come on! Brace yourself for the unknown, and prepare to navigate through an array of challenging levels now.