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The Principles of Animal Arena

Animal Arena is an excellent multiplayer game that allows you to join a thrilling fight between animals. Guide your animal to stomp other ones to win.

Daring combats between animals

If you are looking for an interesting multiplayer game like Stickman Crazy Box, this game is the best choice. In this game, you will have a chance to join an exciting battle between four animals in the forest. You will play as one of these animals. Let's jump on the heads of your opponents to eliminate them from the forest and earn many points. Your enemies will do the same thing with you, so you should jump as high as possible to evade them. When the time is over, the one who has the highest score will become the ultimate victor of the fight.



If you want to control your animal to jump, press the spacebar.

Double-tap the spacebar to return quickly.


PLAYER 1: If you want to control your animal to jump, press a P key.

PLAYER 2: If you want to guide your animal to jump, press the N key.

PLAYER 3: If you want to take control of your animal to jump, press the W key.

PLAYER 4: If you want to control your animal to jump, press a C key.

Wonderful things about Animal Arena

Interesting game modes

Like Unicycle Hero, this game also features many game modes. You are allowed to choose between 4 modes. They are 1P MODE, 2P MODE, 3P MODE, and 4P MODE. The 1P MODE is the best choice if you want to join the fight alone. In contrast, the 2P MODE, 3P MODE, and 4P MODE allow you to invite your friends to play with you. In these modes, you can select between two sub-modes which are Team Mode and Vs Mode. In the Team Mode, you and another player will be a team and battle with another team of two animals. Meanwhile, the Vs Mode challenges you to combat the other 3 animals in the forest to become the last survivor.

The animal store

In this store, you will find 135 animals including frogs, dogs, hamsters, foxes, fish, starfish, octopuses, monkeys, bears, and so on. You can unlock them for free and choose one of them before starting the fight. Note that two players are not allowed to choose the same animal character in the store.